Business and Technology Consulting

Services - ReadyTeam Approach

Interim C-level Expertise for Startups & Turnarounds

Get the power when you need it,

      but only for the time you need it!

Chief Executive Officer

  • Develop corporate vision
  • Define corporate objectives and performance measures
  • Develop short-term, long-term, and/or turnaround strategy

Chief Information Officer

  • Align the technology resources with the business requirements
  • Establish controls for technology assets
  • Implement technology advances
  • Set expectations for technology performance
  • Service the internal and external business clients

Chief Security Officer

  • Develop the enterprise security policy
  • Align the appropriate security with the business requirements
  • Implement key compliance programs
  • Implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Develop strategic partnerships
  • Create marketing plan

Chief Operating Officer

  • Implement operational policies and procedures
  • Develop productivity measures
  • Implement process improvements

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