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Workplace Sanctuary: Are Your Workers Under Siege?

"Where did we learn the myth that we can get our way more effectively with petulance or through aggression than with love and truth? In our hearts, we know that we will achieve more by serving others than by berating them." - Lance Secretan

The president of a software company had asked me to help him fix their broken customer service process. His customers were unhappy with service levels and response times. The president (I'll call him George) drove the effort relentlessly. Hoping to use a queueing model for service, I asked one of his tech-support reps for the service time to resolve a customer problem. The answer:

"A problem must be resolved within 45 minutes. Otherwise, it is no longer a problem because George will interrupt with a new problem. The original problem will be forgotten until the customer calls again - and the cycle repeats."

Not only was George micro-managing, he was preventing his employees from doing their jobs. Yes, processes and systems can assist with this situation, but they may not correct the constant redirection from the top. Do you provide direction or re-direction?

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